Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

Pure Green Coffee Extract Weight Loss Review

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is a fascinating discovery for individuals experiencing a constant battle with excess weight. Through scientific studies, researchers confirmed that the Chlorogenic Acid hidden inside Pure Coffee Green Beans causes a number of metabolic changes that result in safe weight loss without starvation, using dangerous dietary supplements or requiring hours of sweat dripping strenuous workouts.

Pure Green Coffee Extract

A variety of natural foods contain Chlorogenic Acid but none have the quantity found in a Pure Green Coffee Bean. Green coffee beans are merely the raw product harvested for making coffee. The roasting process exposes the beans to temperatures of almost 500 degrees Fahrenheit. While enhancing caffeine stores, the heat destroys Chlorogenic acid. Each unroasted coffee bean contains approximately 50 percent of the magic weight reducing chemical but only a fraction of the caffeine. Crushing or boiling the raw beans in water releases the Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Before being touted as a revolutionary weight loss product, researchers understood that Chlorogenic Acid belongs to a group of chemicals known as polyphenols, which possess antioxidant properties. These chemicals travel through the body capturing free radicals that contribute to DNA damage, the aging process and different medical conditions. The acid additionally prevents glucose from entering the blood stream in two distinct ways. An enzyme in the liver called glucose-6-phosphatase aids in the conversion of glucagon to glucose and releases the latter into the bloodstream. Chlorogenic acid inhibits this process. Second, the acid inhibits glucose absorption in the small intestine.

Unused glucose converts to fat and contributes to excess weight. By consuming Pure Green Coffee Extract, the body must resort to using fat stores for energy. A study performed by Dr. Joseph Vinson at the University of Scranton in Philadelphia explored the connection between Green Coffee Extract and weight loss. The study evolved around the effects the substance had on 16 volunteers aged 22 to 46. For 12 weeks, each individual consumed 700 to 1050 milligrams of Pure Green Coffee Extract daily without nutritional changes or increased physical activity. All of the participants initially exhibited some level of obesity and consumed 2,400 calories daily during research.

Pure Green Coffee Extract Weight Loss Results

Green Coffee Bean Extract

At the end of 12 weeks, test subjects lost anywhere from 7 to 20 pounds. Overall, individuals lost an average of 17 pounds and 16 percent body fat. Scientists monitored each person’s body mass index, weight and percentage of body fat during the study. Subjects experienced a loss in all of these categories and additionally lowered their heart rate. Dr. Vinson published his research and results in the “Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal.”

Dr. Oz presented the product on his show and expressing skepticism, acquired volunteers from his audience willing to test Green Coffee Extract. Weighed before and after on the show, women experienced weight loss in the first five days of using the product. Remarkably, though derived from a coffee bean, the extract does not produce unpleasant side effects. Users do not experience insomnia or jittery feelings often associated with stimulants. The extract typically contains only 23 milligrams of caffeine compared to the 100 milligrams found in each cup of coffee. Label instructions suggest that consumers take two capsules or tablets (800 milligrams) before breakfast and lunch.

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