Coffee Fruit Extract Health Benefits

What Is Coffee Fruit?

Coffee Fruit Extract

The coffee cherry berry, a native to Brazil as well as California derives its name from the seeds of the cherry, which are unprocessed coffee beans. The plants appearance has an average 6 cm leaf that is dark green in color. This berry is a member of the fruit group and is initially green, changing to a deep purple color as it matures. This fruit with its unprocessed seed has a long history of providing medical benefits and the Native American Indians sought it out for its nutritional value.

Coffee Cherry Fruit Or Coffee Fruit Extract

The coffee fruit produces a Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract commonly known as Coffee Fruit Extract. This extract includes high levels of phenolic acids referred to as antioxidants. Antioxidants help to prevent our body’s molecular oxidation process. This is beneficial as molecular oxidization promotes the production of free radicals. Although a healthy level of free radicals is acceptable and normal, a large amount may be harmful to our systems cell structure. Studies have shown the effect that free radicals have on our cell structure may play a significant part in cancer cell growth. A large level of free radicals show signs of damaging healthy cells. Damaged cells have a much higher risk of turning to cancerous cells. The National Cancer Institute states evidence of preventing the negative changes of cancer cells is a direct result of antioxidants.

The American Diabetes Association lists the Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract as assisting in the reduction of heart disease, Alzheimer’s and diabetes due to its high concentration of polyphenol levels. The chloric acid extracted from the antioxidants when processing the unroasted bean is beneficial. Recent studies are showing a direct corroboration between the chloric acid and free radicals affect. When the chloric acid reduces the free radicals, it speeds up our body’s vitamin E regeneration. This process improves the cardiovascular system and promotes optimum blood pressure levels.

Benefits of Coffee Cherry Fruit Extract

One of the many benefits from this process seems to promote a boost to our body’s metabolism as well as an increased effect in energy levels. The positive cardiovascular effects combined with higher energy levels allows for an increase in physical activity. All of these combined factors produce a safe and effective avenue of high calorie burning levels and weight loss.

The safe recommended dosage of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is 800 mg per day. Dosage recommendations also suggest taking the dosage before consuming a meal. Most capsules currently on the market are available in 400 mg doses. The taste of the extract is extremely bitter, drinking a large amount of water when taking this helps.

As with any substance, it is important to check with your doctor before starting a regiment of capsule intake for any purpose. Each individual medical history is unique as well as the current medication you may now be taking. Although studies are beginning to show Coffee Cherry Berry Fruit Extract provides many safe and effective health benefits, it is a good precaution to discuss this with your physician.

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