Green Coffee Bean Supplement

Recently health advocates have been closely following the news of a recent studies that confirms the benefits for green coffee bean extract as a weight loss supplement. The news have made such a huge impact, the information about green coffee beans was featured during the Dr. OZ show as a powerful fat burner.

What are Green Coffee beans?

green-coffee-bean-supplementGreen coffee beans are fresh coffee beans that haven’t been through the standardized roasting process and are in a raw, pure form.

Pure coffee beans contain different compounds, which play a role in the taste and flavor. Roasting coffee beans adds to the taste and flavor, giving it a good aroma but regardless of the taste roasting gives coffee, studies suggest it may not be the most beneficial way to eat them.

To explain how green coffee can help you shed those extra pounds, lets start by saying the powerful weight loss properties of green coffee beans are not due to caffeine. In fact Green coffee contains less than 20 ml of caffeine as oppose to a regular cup of coffee, which has more than 100 mg per serving. Green coffee been wont make your heart go fast, feel jitter or nervous, because it doesn’t have any stimulant effects. On the contrary recent studies have shown, greed coffee extract actually lowers blood pressure while still boosting metabolism.

The substance which gives green coffee bean its weight loss properties, is actually a natural compound known as, Chlorogenic Acid.
Chlorogenic Acid can stimulate fat burning actions as it inhibits the release of glucose in the body, which in turn will burn the fat store in the liver.

Green coffee bean supplement Benefits

A lot of people wonder why can’t they get the same weight loss benefits by drinking their morning coffee everyday. The reason you can’t get any weight loss benefits from regular coffee is because, it has been roasted and the high temperatures in which the beans are roasted destroys the active natural, Chlorogenic Acid compound.

As we mention before roasting is responsible for the nice aroma of coffee. Green coffee beans on the other hand don’t have any aroma and are extremely bitter, which makes it hard for people to just chew them. This is why if you are looking to add green coffee beans to your diet for weight loss, is recommended to buy a pure green coffee bean supplement. Additional benefits if green coffee beans include, improving overall body health, treating hypertension, improving cardiovascular health and controlling diabetes and playing the role of antioxidant by protecting cells from free radicals while relieving stress.

Green coffee bean supplement dosage

diets-to-lose-weightThe recommended dosage for a green coffee bean supplement is 800 ml every day. For better result the supplement should be taken before meals with a glass of water.

Because the taste of green coffee beans is unpleasant when it’s eaten raw, is imperative to find a supplement that contains Pure green coffee beans, no fillers or additional preservative.
After carefully searching for the cleanest green coffee bean supplements, green coffee pure has proven to be made with the most quality ingredients.

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Eve thou participants in the studies didn’t make any changes in their diet or lifestyle while taking the supplement and still had amazing results, its not recommended to rely on a supplement to lose weight. Supplements should be use as an addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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What Is Coffee Fruit?

Coffee Fruit Extract

The coffee cherry berry, a native to Brazil as well as California derives its name from the seeds of the cherry, which are unprocessed coffee beans. The plants appearance has an average 6 cm leaf that is dark green in color. This berry is a member of the fruit group and is initially green, changing to a deep purple color as it matures. This fruit with its unprocessed seed has a long history of providing medical benefits and the Native American Indians sought it out for its nutritional value.

Coffee Cherry Fruit Or Coffee Fruit Extract

The coffee fruit produces a Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract commonly known as Coffee Fruit Extract. This extract includes high levels of phenolic acids referred to as antioxidants. Antioxidants help to prevent our body's molecular oxidation process. This is beneficial as molecular oxidization promotes the production of free radicals. Although a healthy level of free radicals is acceptable and normal, a large amount may be harmful to our systems cell structure. Studies have shown the effect that free radicals have on our cell structure may play a significant part in cancer cell growth. A large level of free radicals show signs of damaging healthy cells. Damaged cells have a much higher risk of turning to cancerous cells. The National Cancer Institute states evidence of preventing the negative changes of cancer cells is a direct result of antioxidants.

The American Diabetes Association lists the Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract as assisting in the reduction of heart disease, Alzheimer's and diabetes due to its high concentration of polyphenol levels. The chloric acid extracted from the antioxidants when processing the unroasted bean is beneficial. Recent studies are showing a direct corroboration between the chloric acid and free radicals affect. When the chloric acid reduces the free radicals, it speeds up our body's vitamin E regeneration. This process improves the cardiovascular system and promotes optimum blood pressure levels.

Benefits of Coffee Cherry Fruit Extract

One of the many benefits from this process seems to promote a boost to our body's metabolism as well as an increased effect in energy levels. The positive cardiovascular effects combined with higher energy levels allows for an increase in physical activity. All of these combined factors produce a safe and effective avenue of high calorie burning levels and weight loss.

The safe recommended dosage of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is 800 mg per day. Dosage recommendations also suggest taking the dosage before consuming a meal. Most capsules currently on the market are available in 400 mg doses. The taste of the extract is extremely bitter, drinking a large amount of water when taking this helps.

As with any substance, it is important to check with your doctor before starting a regiment of capsule intake for any purpose. Each individual medical history is unique as well as the current medication you may now be taking. Although studies are beginning to show Coffee Cherry Berry Fruit Extract provides many safe and effective health benefits, it is a good precaution to discuss this with your physician.

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Is Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract The Best Weight Loss Supplement?

That's all you need to remember if you're looking to burn fat the healthy way in 2012.

Green Coffee Extract

Let's be honest here, if you've had it with a roller coaster of diet pills, diet drinks, detox potions, and generally depriving yourself of a normal amount of calories, then get back to losing weight with an amazing, breakthrough formula.

The science is there, the studies are out, and the humble, little, pure green coffee bean is showing impressive results. Television's Dr. Oz is giving this green bean the thumbs up, calling it one his top five fat-fighting formulas.

The magic weight loss bullet is found in a special acid contained in pure green coffee bean extract. Chlorogenic acid extract restrains the amount of glucose absorbed into the bloodstream, thereby quickly boosting the metabolism. The coffee beans must stay raw, because if heated or roasted, all the good, fat-busting properties will be zapped away.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Clinical Trials

The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes, and the stats have come back with some eye-opening results, especially from clinical studies published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal:

"In 22 weeks, overweight participants taking the coffee extract dropped 17 pounds, which averaged out to a body weight loss of more than 10%. An encouraging extra bonus was that body fat melted away by 16%!"

All this from a simple, pure green coffee bean supplement taken in capsule form twice a day. Natural, chemical-free, and safe. Medical experts have advice for dieters anxious to begin the fat-burning routine:

The green coffee bean in its raw state is very bitter, so the easiest way to get the full benefits is in capsule form. You can find them online. Only buy pure green coffee bean capsules--no fillers, no binders. Experts suggest taking two 400 mg. capsules 30 minutes before meals with a full glass of water, twice a day. There are no side-effects reported or any known allergies to coffee bean extract.

Does Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Have Side Effects?

If you're worried about developing the jitters after popping pure green coffee bean extract capsules, relax. The caffeine in a regular cup of joe is a stimulant. It temporarily raises blood pressure, producing a faster pulse rate. But the amount of caffeine in a green coffee bean supplement is four times lower than in a cup of coffee, so there are no problems there. You won't experience the irritability or nervousness one sometimes sees with coffee-holics.

Look at it this way--caffeine is the main component in a roasted coffee bean, whereas chlorogenic acid is the catalyst in a pure green coffee bean. The acid promotes healthy blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure.

With obesity, diabetes, and heart disease on the rise, it's remarkable that scientists have discovered a safe, fat-busting superfood from nature. At about $5 per week, pure green coffee bean extract is much cheaper than any weight-loss products found over the counter or by prescription. That should bring a little cha-ching to your pocketbook and a much lighter spring to your step.

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Benefits of Green Coffee Extracts

There is a lot of buzz these days about Green Coffee Extracts. Just what is this revolutionary new substance? Some background information will help, along with an explanation of how it gained popularity and what makes it work so well.

Green Coffee Extract

It is not clear how researchers stumbled upon the exciting and beneficial properties of green coffee extract. The extract is made from the beans of the Arabica coffee plant. The pure green coffee bean is ground into a fine powder, which can be taken in capsule form. In addition to being full of antioxidants, pure green coffee extract can cause weight loss.

Green Coffee Extracts On Dr Oz

Back in April of 2012, news of the wonderful bean was spread because of an episode of Dr. Oz’s television show. Dr. Oz invited Dr. Lindsey Duncan to the show and together, they explained research that showed that people lost a significant amount of weight while taking green coffee bean extract. As evidence of his guest’s findings, Dr. Oz called on two women who had been taking the extract for a couple of weeks. Both individuals had lost a lot of weight. In addition, they said they had more energy when they took it and were excited about the prospect of continuing to take the product.

Before jumping to the conclusion that drinking coffee will provide the same benefits as green coffee extract, read on. The key to reaping the benefits of the Arabica bean is that the beans are not roasted. Roasted coffee beans have a different chemical makeup, which can actually be unhealthy. When the beans are left in their natural state, however, they contain Chlorogenic acid and have unparalleled antioxidant properties.

Green Coffee Extracts Health Benefits

It is a well-known fact that antioxidants are important to staying healthy and fighting the effects of aging. Oxygen molecules traveling through the bloodstream that have ‘stolen’ electrons are called free radicals and having too many of them has a negative impact on health. Oxidation, if left unchecked, can increase the risk of disease. Antioxidants, like those found in Green Coffee Extracts, can lessen the number of free radicals in the body. Aging reduces the body’s ability to resist oxidation and there are a number of things that can cause an increase in free radicals, including smoking, sickness, pollution in the air and even getting a tan can.

Green Coffee Extracts & Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic Acid

In addition to antioxidant properties, Chlorogenic acid has an impact on the way the body deals with sugar and fat production and storage. For one thing, it can cause the burning of glucose in the body, or in other words it sparks an increase in metabolism. When metabolism is increased, fat is burned. Chlorogenic acid can also cause a decrease in the amount of fat stored in the body.

Scientific research has uncovered the antioxidant and weight loss properties of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract. In addition, people everywhere have experienced a positive impact on their health. This explains why the little green coffee bean is getting so much attention world-wide.

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What Makes Green Coffee Bean Extract Great for Weight Loss?

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

Losing weight has always been a high priority for people in developed countries. Now that the obesity epidemic is upon us, the demand for effective weight loss methods has only grown higher. To satisfy this demand, many products have been developed through the years. Many of these supplements work for some people, but as with all medicines, nothing works on everyone. Therefore, if you've tried something and it hasn't worked, you shouldn't give up. A different product may be the one you've been looking for.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract promises to be an excellent weight loss aid. Unlike harsh man-made chemicals, it comes from natural unroasted coffee beans. Surprisingly, caffeine isn't what is believed to make it work. Instead, the unroasted beans are a great source of Chlorogenic acid.

What Is Chlorogenic Acid?

Chlorogenic acid has the unique property of triggering the liver to halt glucose release. With less glucose in the bloodstream, the body must burn fat to acquire the fuel it needs. Needless to say, this results in a reduction of fat stores.

In a study funded by Applied Food Sciences, 16 people lost an average of 17 pounds each in just 22 weeks while taking green coffee extract. Those who were given a placebo didn't have any significant weight loss. The people in the study ate an average of 2,400 calories a day. They were naturally active enough to burn 400 calories daily but did not embark on an additional exercise program for the study.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Dosage

Two dosages were used in this study: 700 milligrams and 1,050 milligrams. The higher dosage resulted in more weight loss. The lowest amount of weight lost was seven pounds, while the greatest amount lost was around 26 pounds. Body fat declined by an average of 16 percent, while overall body weight was lowered by about 10.5 percent.

The only downside to taking the Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract tablets was the fact that the supplement was strongly bitter, said Joe Vinson, PhD. Vinson is the leader of the study and a professor of chemistry at the University of Scranton. He suggested that tablets be taken with plenty of water to dilute the bitterness.

Fortunately, there is a way to take green coffee bean extract without tasting the bitterness at all. Capsules allow you to swallow it down without any discomfort. Since they don't break apart until they're in your stomach, all you taste is the gelatin or other coating the capsule uses.

Some may wonder why drinking regular coffee can't provide the wonderful effects of green coffee extract. The reason is that the roasting process destroys the Chlorogenic acid in regular coffee beans and leaves only a negligible amount behind. Extract made from unprocessed green coffee beans, on the other hand, has up to 50 percent Chlorogenic acid.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Side Effects

Pure green coffee extract has only 23 milligrams of caffeine per serving, compared to about 100 milligrams for a cup of coffee. This makes the extract a great choice even for those who can't tolerate large doses of caffeine.

Since coffee is something people drink all the time anyway, there is almost no risk of side effects from green coffee extract. Try using the dosages tested in the study and see how well it works for you.

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Pure Green Coffee Extract Weight Loss Review

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is a fascinating discovery for individuals experiencing a constant battle with excess weight. Through scientific studies, researchers confirmed that the Chlorogenic Acid hidden inside Pure Coffee Green Beans causes a number of metabolic changes that result in safe weight loss without starvation, using dangerous dietary supplements or requiring hours of sweat dripping strenuous workouts.

Pure Green Coffee Extract

A variety of natural foods contain Chlorogenic Acid but none have the quantity found in a Pure Green Coffee Bean. Green coffee beans are merely the raw product harvested for making coffee. The roasting process exposes the beans to temperatures of almost 500 degrees Fahrenheit. While enhancing caffeine stores, the heat destroys Chlorogenic acid. Each unroasted coffee bean contains approximately 50 percent of the magic weight reducing chemical but only a fraction of the caffeine. Crushing or boiling the raw beans in water releases the Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Before being touted as a revolutionary weight loss product, researchers understood that Chlorogenic Acid belongs to a group of chemicals known as polyphenols, which possess antioxidant properties. These chemicals travel through the body capturing free radicals that contribute to DNA damage, the aging process and different medical conditions. The acid additionally prevents glucose from entering the blood stream in two distinct ways. An enzyme in the liver called glucose-6-phosphatase aids in the conversion of glucagon to glucose and releases the latter into the bloodstream. Chlorogenic acid inhibits this process. Second, the acid inhibits glucose absorption in the small intestine.

Unused glucose converts to fat and contributes to excess weight. By consuming Pure Green Coffee Extract, the body must resort to using fat stores for energy. A study performed by Dr. Joseph Vinson at the University of Scranton in Philadelphia explored the connection between Green Coffee Extract and weight loss. The study evolved around the effects the substance had on 16 volunteers aged 22 to 46. For 12 weeks, each individual consumed 700 to 1050 milligrams of Pure Green Coffee Extract daily without nutritional changes or increased physical activity. All of the participants initially exhibited some level of obesity and consumed 2,400 calories daily during research.

Pure Green Coffee Extract Weight Loss Results

Green Coffee Bean Extract

At the end of 12 weeks, test subjects lost anywhere from 7 to 20 pounds. Overall, individuals lost an average of 17 pounds and 16 percent body fat. Scientists monitored each person’s body mass index, weight and percentage of body fat during the study. Subjects experienced a loss in all of these categories and additionally lowered their heart rate. Dr. Vinson published his research and results in the “Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal.”

Dr. Oz presented the product on his show and expressing skepticism, acquired volunteers from his audience willing to test Green Coffee Extract. Weighed before and after on the show, women experienced weight loss in the first five days of using the product. Remarkably, though derived from a coffee bean, the extract does not produce unpleasant side effects. Users do not experience insomnia or jittery feelings often associated with stimulants. The extract typically contains only 23 milligrams of caffeine compared to the 100 milligrams found in each cup of coffee. Label instructions suggest that consumers take two capsules or tablets (800 milligrams) before breakfast and lunch.

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